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The Imperial Rocket Trooper, or Imperial Jump Trooper, is an Imperial unit in DICE's Star Wars Battlefront and DICE's Star Wars Battlefront II that is equipped with a type of Jump Pack that allows it to lift off the ground. In Battlefront, Imperial Jump Troopers are AI that appear in Missions, including Survival and Battles. In Battlefront II, they are the Aerial Reinforcement unit for the Galactic Empire.

Star Wars Battlefront[edit | edit source]

Overview[edit | edit source]

Jump Trooper.png

In DICE's Star Wars Battlefront, Imperial Jump Troopers are encountered in Survival and Battles. They are armed with an RT-97C Heavy Blaster and equipped with a Personal Shield and a modified Jump Pack that allows them to hover in the air in one spot for an unlimited amount of time. They cannot use their Personal Shield and Jump Pack at the same time. In Survival, they are most often seen in later waves. In Battles, Imperial Jump Troopers can be encountered as enemies or they can be friendly units depending on which faction the player sides with.

Jump Troopers are fragile and their behavior is predictable. Imperial Jump Troopers have low health and rely on their Personal Shield for protection. They activate their Personal Shield when they are attacked from any range, but only attack the player at close-range. Once Jump Troopers are close enough to the player, they take a moment to activate their modified Jump Pack so that they hover in the air before actually starting to fire. In the air, they remain stationary.

At higher difficulties of Survival and Battles, more Jump Troopers are deployed at once and their RT-97C Heavy Blaster deals increased damage. Once they are hovering, Jump Troopers can quickly eliminate the player due to their higher chance of landing headshots.

Attacks[edit | edit source]

Name Image
RT-97C Heavy Blaster RT97C dice image.png
Jetpack (visually identical to the Jumpack) JumpPackDICE.png
Personal Shield PersonalShieldDICE.png

Star Wars Battlefront II[edit | edit source]

"Precision and area attack are both qualities the Imperial Rocket Trooper delivers. Add the extra mobility from the jetpack and you understand the Empire's investment in these troopers."
— In-game description

In Star Wars Battlefront II, the Imperial Jump Troopers return as Imperial Rocket Troopers, the Aerial Reinforcement unit of the Galactic Empire.

Overview[edit | edit source]

Imperial Rocket Troopers are equipped with an improved E-11 Blaster Rifle. As their name suggests, they bring into combat with them a rocket launcher. The thrusters of their jetpack allow them to propel forward and upward for some flight.

The Imperial Rocket Trooper's E-11 deals increased damage as compared to the existing default blaster for the Stormtrooper, and can provide reliable firepower with its relatively low heat per shot and low venting time. The weapon's increased damage means that the Imperial Rocket Trooper is capable of outgunning most targets in single engagements and can deal even more damage by landing headshots against them; along with its Rocket Launcher to deal with tightly clumped groups of enemies. Combining this with the jetpack means that the Rocket Trooper can position itself behind or above enemies, and rain a hail of devastating fire upon them.

While the E-11 deals respectable damage at close-range, it suffers from having low end-damage compared to other blasters, making the weapon unreliable in dealing with long-range targets and must close the distance in order to deal with them effectively. Another issue that the Imperial Rocket Trooper faces is its considerably low health for a Reinforcement, matching up with the Heavy with only two hundred health before Star Cards are applied. As a result it cannot take much punishment, and must resort to its mobility and cover in order to stay in the fight. If faced with unfavorable odds, it can use two of its abilities, Jetpack Boost and Jetpack Dash, in order to make a quick escape but can also depend on its dodge in order to quickly build space between an enemy or to close the distance with them.

Health and Movement[edit | edit source]

Health Statistics for Imperial Rocket Trooper
Base Health 200
SWBFII DICE Boost Card Aerial - Battle Hardened large.png Battle Hardened
Increases base health to 210 / 220 / 230 / 240
Health Regen Rate 40 health/sec
SWBFII DICE Boost Card Aerial - Survivalist large.png Survivalist
Regeneration is increased to 55 / 70 / 79 / 100 health per second
SWBFII DICE Boost Card Aerial - Aerial Training large.png Aerial Training
13 / 25 / 33 / 50 health per elimination
Regen Delay 6 sec

Weapons[edit | edit source]

Weapon Image SWBFII E-11 Icon.svg
Damage 45-21
Rate of Fire 300 RPM
Damage per Second 225-105 DPS
Range Start damage drop-off: 20 meters
End damage drop-off: 40 meters
Venting 1 seconds
Overheat 25 shots (0.04 heat per shot)
Overheat Penalty 1 seconds
Passive Cooldown Delay 5 seconds
Passive Cooldown 0.3 heat per second

Weapon Image SWBFII RT-97C Icon.svg
In-game Description The RT-97C is a versatile heavy blaster, fitted with optics to allow use at long range.
Damage 22-12
Rate of Fire 600 RPM
Damage per Second 220-120 DPS
Range Start damage drop-off: 20 meters
End damage drop-off: 40 meters
Venting 2.5 seconds
Overheat 56 shots (0.0181818 heat per shot)
Overheat Penalty 1 seconds
Passive Cooldown Delay 5 seconds
Passive Cooldown 0.1 heat per second

Weapon Image SWBFII Melee Icon.svg
Damage 65

Abilities[edit | edit source]

Ability Icon SWBFII Aerial Ability Jetpack Boost Icon.svg
In-game Description The JETPACK BOOST's burst thrusters are used to boost the Aerial upwards. Well suited for traversing obstructions and evading danger.
Ability Cooldown 5 seconds

Ability Icon SWBFII Ability Rocket Icon.svg
In-game Description The ROCKET LAUNCHER fires an explosive projectile.
Damage 50 (Explosion: 200)
Area of Effect Blast Radius: 3.5 meters
Inner Blast Radius: 1 meter
Ability Cooldown 25 seconds

Ability Icon SWBFII Aerial Ability Jetpack Dash Icon.svg
In-game Description With the JETPACK DASH the Aerial adjusts their thrusters to dash forward. Ideal in narrow spaces and to surprise enemies.
Ability Cooldown 5 seconds

Boost Cards[edit | edit source]

SWBFII DICE Boost Card Aerial - Aerial Training large.png SWBFII DICE Boost Card Aerial - Acquisition large.png SWBFII DICE Boost Card Aerial - Battle Hardened large.png SWBFII DICE Boost Card Aerial - Survivalist large.png SWBFII DICE Boost Card Aerial - Improved Jetpack large.png
Aerial Training Acquisition Battle Hardened Survivalist Evasion

Appearances[edit | edit source]

Imp Rocket Trooper Default Skin.png Imp Rocket Trooper Commander Skin.png Imp Rocket Trooper Legacy Skin.png
Default Appearance
Legacy Appearance

In-game Hints[edit | edit source]

"Special Units can take more damage than regular troopers."
— First hint
"Special Units deal more damage than regular troopers."
— Second hint
"Aerial units are each equipped with nimble JETPACKS. "
— Third hint
"Use an Aerial's JETPACK DASH to quickly move in a horizontal direction."
— Fourth hint
"JETPACKS make you extremely agile."
— Fifth hint

Gallery[edit | edit source]

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • In Battlefront II, their appearance is based on the appearance of the Imperial Rocket Troopers in the animated TV series Star Wars Rebels.
    • As a goof, however, all Imperial Rocket Troopers in Star Wars Battlefront II have the appearance of a Rocket Trooper Commander with an orange shoulder pad.
    • Additionally, the Rocket Trooper in-game wears a standard Stormtrooper helmet, while in Rebels the Rocket Troopers wear a differently designed helmet
    • Their proper helmet would be added in The Age of Rebellion Update, with their original in-game appearance designated as a Legacy Appearance.
  • Initially, in development, the appearance of the Rocket Trooper was going to be the same as the Imperial Rocket Trooper in the Star Tours ride at Disney's Hollywood Studios.[1] However, this was later changed to the appearance of the Imperial Rocket Trooper in Star Wars Rebels, likely to adhere to the Star Wars canon.
  • Before it was changed the Imperial Rocket Trooper was the only Aerial unit to wield a Heavy weapon, the RT-97C.

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