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Instant Action is a feature in Pandemic's Star Wars: Battlefront, Star Wars: Battlefront II, Rebellion's Star Wars: Battlefront: Renegade Squadron, and Star Wars: Battlefront: Elite Squadron that allows players to create a playlist of various maps and modes that they can then play with a team of AI against another team of AI. Instant Action can be played without an internet connection (offline).


Instant Action can be played offline and settings for certain game modes can be changed, such as the Reinforcement count in Conquest or the score needed to win in 2-Flag Capture the Flag. In addition to ground maps, players can also play on space maps in all games except in Pandemic's Star Wars: Battlefront, which does not have maps set in space.

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Depending on the map, players can customize the era that the map will be set in as well as select which mode that will be played on that map. Some of the available modes in Battlefront II, Renegade Squadron, and Elite Squadron include:

In August 2019, EA DICE, the game studio that rebooted the Star Wars Battlefront franchise, announced that a form of Instant Action would make a return in their 2017 game Star Wars Battlefront II later in the year.