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Fighter (Ship Class)[]

Fighters, or interceptors, are the fastest but most lightly-armoured ship class. They are designed for fighting ships, especially protecting capital ships against bombers. They are equipped with rapid-firing blaster cannons and salvos of homing rockets.


These are the fighters used by each faction:

Tactical Analysis[]

  • Fighters are the main ship-to-ship combatant. As such, there should be a squad of them near a friendly capital ship at any time.
  • As fighters are very quick and nimble, a wise user should use this to their advantage against slower and less agile spacecraft.
  • However, fighters have very low health so should not expect to last long if attacking a ship with more health.
  • Fighters are not suited to head-on firefights as this takes advantage of the low health of the fighter while eliminating its speed advantage. A user should expect enemies trying to drag them into this situation.
  • Fighters are more suited to close-up dogfights.
  • Fighters are vulnerable to homing rockets.
  • The laser cannons of a fighter are extremely deadly. They are quite weak per shot, but have a very high rate of fire, inflicting a lot of damage very quickly.
  • The salvos of rockets are much more effective if the user is locked on to the target. If all the rockets hit it can cause massive damage.