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Invasion is a training mission on a map at the power generator and base in Star Wars Battlefront. It is the fifth and final training mission of the game.


The map itself is very small, and Echo Base is nowhere in sight. The power generators and multiple turrets however appear to defend the base from Orbital Strikes. The map is mostly large areas of snow, along with a few passageways to get closer for infantry.


The player assumes control of a T-47 Airspeeder as multiple AT-ATs slowly approach the power generator to shoot and destroy the power to stop the use of the Ion Cannon and energy shield that's strong enough to reflect Orbital Strikes on the ground. The only objective the player has is to destroy the AT-ATs in order for the Alliance to escape without any transport destruction.

However, the AT-ATs are not the only enemies on the map. The area is swarmed with AT-STs, infantry and enemy stormtroopers manning the turrets to shoot the Airspeeder down. It is wise that players take those out first before they perform the attack on the walker.

Once the walker has been successfully tow cabled, it will fall down and collapse. However, unlike multiplayer where it will just fall on the ground and explode automatically, the player will have to turn around after the minigame is finished, and shoot the walker at least twice to make the walker explode and prevent it from standing back up.

If the player dies during the mission, they will be able to try again. However, doing so will prevent them from unlocking one of the stars. If they also fail to stop the AT-ATs, the power generator will be destroyed.