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The Ion Grenade is a Star Card featured in Star Wars Battlefront, it is classified as an Asset Card.


The Ion Grenade delivers massive damage against vehicles, shields and droids.

This grenade focuses damage on vehicles, like the Ion Shot. The Ion Grenade blows up on impact or in proximity to a vehicle.

This grenade is extremely affective against AT-STs, so players can use them to keep the Walkers at bay if they lack any Power Ups.

The Ion Grenade is capable of killing infantry, but only if the grenade makes contact with them directly meaning only one player can be killed per use. However, this changes when the grenade is thrown at a shield such as a Personal Shield or Squad Shield power-up, causing anyone contained within to be destroyed along with the barrier itself.


Do not underestimate the power of the Ion Grenade. It is very useful in game modes such as Walker Assault, Supremacy and Extraction where there are vehicles or many players using shields. Generally, only use the ion grenade on vehicles and players using squad shield or personal shield. When attacking infantry, throw the grenade at droids/vehicles close to the enemies in order to take advantage of its damage. The grenade can also be used to activate proximity bombs.