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Ion Shot is a Star Card in Star Wars Battlefront.


A modification which allows your primary weapon to fire ion charged bolts, making it very effective against shields, droids, and vehicles.

The Ion Shot will quickly destroy turbo lasers and manned turrets in a few seconds.

The Ion Shot is a Star Card that can be used to damage vehicles and turrets. It isn't as effective as vehicles or turrets but it can deliver strong blows through thick enemy armor.

The Ion Shot will deactivate Personal Shields and Squad Shields on the first contact.


Ion Shot will make your weapon take longer to kill Infantry soldiers. Make sure you deactivate Ion Shot when facing an Infantry Soldier.

Combining Ion Shot with high damage weapons such as the T-21 or T-21B can be very effective. The T-21 and T-21B can destroy any Turret with 2-3 shots.