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Goazon Badlands is a small land map set on Jakku in DICE's Star Wars Battlefront that was added in the Battle of Jakku DLC. It is playable in Blast, Cargo, Droid Run, Drop Zone, Hero Hunt, and Heroes vs. Villains.


Goazon Badlands is a linear map with lots of natural cover. It is split into three main parts: down the center is an open area that is host to large pieces of wreckage, including a downed AT-AT. Down one side of the map is a large cave as well as a narrow area made from the walls of the badlands' rock formations. Down the other side of the map is the most open area, the badlands' rocks giving way to a stunning view of a sandy Jakku vista. At each end of the map there is one E-Web blaster.

Containing the least close-quarter areas of any small land map, Goazon Badlands is a haven for snipers. In any of the map's three areas, targeting rifles, such as the T-21B Targeting Rifle, or sniper Star Cards, such as the Pulse Cannon, are viable. Down the middle is an excellent sniping position atop and beneath the downed AT-AT and there are several pathways that lead to the map's central area where snipers could also lurk. The map's cave is large enough that a sniper could easily take out a player who enters either of its entrances, and the area of the map overlooking the Jakku desert has the least opportunities to take cover from sniper fire.

The badlands' open areas allow frequent usage of the Jumpack. To take advantage of this, are many natural objects that players can get on top of on this map, such as the hulls of destroyed AT-AT's and areas that jut out from the badlands' rock formations. Spawn areas differ from mode to mode, highlighting different areas of the map.

there is a bug that in the cave, you can jumpack through a wall. this allows you to get on top of the mountain.


The following is a list of modes that Goazon Badlands can be played in:


Battle of Jakku DLC

  • Added.