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Jet Trooper using a Jetpack

The Jetpack is a propulsion device used by Jango and Boba Fett, as well as the Republic Jet Trooper. It allows the unit to hover in midair, and even fly, depending on where the unit is aimed. It has a limited amount of fuel (which will automatically recharge when not in use). The fuel bar is displayed at the left of the screen when the jetpack is in use. When this bar runs out, the jetpeck turns off, and sends you plummeting to the ground. However, all jetpack equipped units do not take damage from falling. It is great for reaching places unaccessable to the other units, and for swooping in on opponents and shooting at them before they have time to turn around and see you flying off. Be advised: these units are weak in comparison with all other units. One shot from a sniper rifle anywhere on the body ensures an instant death.


Jet Trooper

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