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"Back mounted Jump Pack that utilizes burst thrusters to allow its users to jump over large distances. It is well suited for traversing obstructions and evading danger."
— In-game description

The Jump Pack is a Star Card in DICE's Star Wars Battlefront that can be unlocked starting at Rank 13 for 3,100 Credits. It allows the player to quickly traverse the battlefront by boosting them forward into the air.


"Although the Jump Pack does not allow for sustained flight, it offers troops a reliable alternative for moving quickly across the battlefield."
— In-game lore text

Once the player activates the Jump Pack, they jump about 4 meters (about 14 feet) in the air before landing at a distance in front of them. The distance and direction that the player is propelled is dependent on how quickly and in what direction the player was moving prior to activating the Jump Pack. This allows the player to boost forward, left, right, and backward.

The player can also slightly adjust where they are going to land by moving while in the air.


  • Despite their appearance, Jump Packs never actually appeared in the original trilogy.
  • The Jump Pack is the only Star Card that gives players an increase in speed on the battlefield. It's one of the most popular Star Cards by players.
  • If you use it against a wall on the outside hangar walls on the sullust map, you can fly up really high and get on top of hangars