On June 27, 2016, a minor server update was released for DICE's Star Wars Battlefront containing bug fixes.[1]

Patch notesEdit


  • Players will no longer get stuck in lobby, unable to join due to teams being unbalanced. This happened if one team drops from the game to a point where there’s more than 2 players more on one side.

Heroes vs. VillainsEdit

  • User will no longer get an invisible UI if staying in or just joining a lobby when a round ends and new heroes are appointed
  • Game mode will no longer hang if a player who was appointed a hero fails to become one due to quitting the game in the hero selection process.


  • Dengar will no longer do insane damage to Luke Skywalker using his Explosive Rush and Hurricane Strike

Outer RimEdit


  • Preround timer increased from 30 to 60 seconds



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