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The K-16 Bryar Pistol is a blaster featured in Star Wars Battlefront, it was added in the Death Star expansion pack.


This blaster pistol is the first of its kind to have a secondary fire mode. If one holds the aiming button or key then the pistol will charge itself to deliver a devastating shot that is a one-hit kill. The Hutt Contract to receive the Bryar is named "Dark Enforcer."

The quest for the gun is to get 10 kills with blaster pistols, get 25 kills as Han Solo, and get 3 blaster pistol streaks.

Unlike other pistols, this one has full damage, although that mostly focuses on its secondary fire option. Although the secondary fire is deadly, this pistol is only useful if you can sneak up on your enemies with the secondary fire, as its normal fire is slow and weak. This gun goes very well with the scout trait so you can sneak your secondary fire without your enemies noticing.



  • The Bryar Pistol first appeared in the Star Wars: Dark Forces video games. It is the starting weapon and signature sidearm of the protagonist, Kyle Katarn.
    • Cassian Andor also had a Bryar pistol but Andor's Bryar pistol is a different model called the MW-20 Bryar pistol that featured a double ammo cartridge that rotated when the current cartridge overheated, readying a fresh one for firing.
  • This is the third weapon in the game to originate from a non-canon game and made canonical.