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Kashyyyk is the heavily-forested planet seen near the end of Episode III: Revenge of the Sith. It was first seen when we see Yoda discussing issues with the Jedi Council while helping the Wookiees, the indigenous inhabitants of the planet. Before then, it has been mentioned numerous times in the Expanded Universe, and was originally going to be in Return of the Jedi and The Phantom Menace, but George Lucas decided that Endor and Naboo were better choices. Later, Kashyyyk is one of the places where Order 66 is first issued, and is the earliest point in the story where Chewbacca appears, according to the Star Wars timeline.

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The Kashyyyk Docks map was made for Battlefront I to prevent Episode III content from being revealed before the film came out. The docks use concept art for the Beachhead that is found in Episode III and Battlefront II.

This map is playable as an instant action map or a campaign map in Battlefront I. In campaign mode: Tired of being harassed by the Wookiee Trade Guild, the Trade Federation, sends a large portion of its army, along with Count Dooku, to crush the Wookiees. Despite their powerful Weapons the Wookiees fall to the Trade Federation's droid army.

Kashyyyk Beachhead is a replica of the Beachhead seen in Episode III. Recognizable features include the wooden platforms that cross the bay and the tree branches. Long-range combat is unavoidable, but the addition of tanks and speeder bikes makes short-range possible as well. In addition, the attackers can shoot the control panel to a gate in front of the main base of the defenders. The gate will then collapse, allowing the invading tanks to enter the compound. It also includes two wooden destructible seawalls, which provide cover for spawning Republic troops.

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Also available on Kashyyyk are the space map Space Kashyyyk and a space campaign mode Kashyyyk: Space-First Line of Defence Also a campaign mode is available on the beachhead map Kashyyyk - A Line in the Sand, and Kashyyyk- Aggressive Negotiations, and Kashyyyk- The Battle Of Kashyyyk, are available in Battlefront I's Campaign mode.

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