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This map is located in the map are Wookiee villages which are located on an island there.

The Kashyyyk Islands level is heavily biased for the CIS and the Rebels, and is difficult for the Republic and the Empire to achieve victory. Although the CIS have the disadvantage in numbers due to native Wookiees sided with the Republic, the Droideka unit takes a distintive edge in aiding in the take down of the Republic's Jedi Starfighters and their shield allow them to withstand bombardment from both the Wookiees and the clones. In addition, the CIS's MAF offer a seat position that allow you to control the multi-directional turret, which allow a wide range of gound support. Like the Republic, Rebels have the Wookiees to aid in reinforcement, however it is the starting CP that truely give them an edge. Both CIS and Rebels start with the CP in the higher ground. Oncoming Republic or Empire have to either risk the danger of crossing the center of the map or risk further ambush by going between CPs, where the landmass is shaped like a shallow basin, making ambush a possiblity.

Involvement in Battlefront[]

The CIS is tired of being harassed by the Wookiee Trade Guild, the Trade Federation, sends a large portion of its army, along with Count Dooku, to crush the Wookiees. Despite their powerful Weapons the Wookiees fall to the Federation's Battle Droids.

Command Posts[]

  • East Harbor (CIS & Empire)
  • West Harbor (CIS & Empire)
  • Landing Zone (CIS & Empire)
  • North Village (Republic & Rebels)
  • South Village (Republic & Rebels)
  • Central Village (Republic & Rebels)


Clone Wars[]

Galactic Civil War[]


  • For the PS2 and Xbox versions it is night time, but for the PC version it's sunset.
  • This map has no involvement in any of the films.
  • Besides Tatooine: Jabba's Palace, this is the only map in the first game not to feature any turrets of any kind.


  • Star Wars: Battlefront (First Appearance)