Kachirho Beach is a map featured in DICE's Star Wars Battlefront II that is set on the planet Kashyyyk.


This map can be explored in its entirety in Galactic Assault. A small portion of the map, located high above the Galactic Assault playable area, that explores the Wookiee platforms can be played in smaller game modes, including Blast, Heroes vs. Villains, Strike, and the offline mode Arcade.

Galactic AssaultEdit

At the beginning of the ground, Seperatists forces escort two MTTs from the beach to the grounded venator. Players are able to take control of the MTT’s gun with battle points. Republic forces are given 3 Ion disrupters that respawn after use to stop the MTT progression. Once hit, the MTT will stop moving and can be damaged by blaster fire/explosives. Both forces have an active tracker on each Ion Disrupter. If a Clone Trooper is killed when carrying the disrupter, it will be on the ground for a limited amount of time beforehand respawning. The Republic wins if the MTTs lose 100% of their health. If the Seperatists successfully escort the MTTs, phase II begins.

In Phase II Republic forces have to prevent Seperatists from sabotaging their two Juggarnaut Comabt Vehicles. The Seperatists must go inside the vehicle to plant a bomb, which will detonate after a while. Republic troops can defuse the explosive anytime.

In Phase III, Republic forces must protect the fuel supplies held inside the Venator’s hangar.


The following is a list of vehicles that can be utilized via Battle Points (unless otherwise stated) in Kachirho Beach for Galactic Assault:

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The following is a list of modes that Kachirho Beach can be played on:

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Giants Above Kachirho Update

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