Kachirho Beach is a map featured in DICE's Star Wars Battlefront II that is set on the planet Kashyyyk.


This map can be explored in its entirety in Galactic Assault. A small portion of the map, located high above the Galactic Assault playable area, that explores the Wookiee platforms can be played in smaller game modes, including Blast, Heroes vs. Villains, Strike, and the offline mode Arcade.


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"After a failed attempt to push the Clone Army back from Kashyyyk, the Separatists launch a second wave aimed at taking down an imposing Venator-class Star Destroyer...."
— In-game Description

As the droid army storms up a beach, Wookiee Warriors and Clone troopers dig in to defend a grounded cruiser.[1] On this map, the Separatists are the attackers and the Galactic Republic are the defenders.

Phase one sees the Separatists attempting to escort two Multi-Troop Transports (MTTs) up the shores of Kachirho Beach. The Republic must use Ion Disruptors scattered around the map to destroy the incoming MTTs. If the MTTs reach their destination, the second phase begins. Here, the Separatists must enter two A4 Juggernauts and sabotage them to enable aerial bombardment of the Republic forces. In the final phase, the Separatists storm the hangar of a massive, grounded Venator-class Star Destroyer and must arm explosive charges at both the Front and Rear Fuel Pipes of the starship.

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Heroes vs. VillainsEdit


"In order to weaken the Republic's strategic hold on Kashyyyk, the Separatists launch an attack aimed at deactivating command posts hidden amidst the Wroshyr trees...."
— In-game Description

The Separatists must deactivate both Command Posts. The Galactic Republic must defend them until the Separatist reinforcement count runs out.

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Giants Above Kachirho Update

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