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501st Journal -- Kashyyyk Orbit: "First Line of Defense"[]

First Line of Defense

When the Separatists' invasion of Kashyyyk caught the Republic flat-footed, a detachment of the 501st was sent in to stop the bleeding until reinforcements could arrive. It was a textbook suicide mission and we knew it. As we fought our way into Kashyyyk's atmosphere, most of us believed that the only way we'd be getting off this planet was in a body bag.


From your commanding officer:

1.) "The droids have put up a blockade around Kashyyyk. If we're going to punch through, we need to weaken their forces. Pilot, focus your attacks on their support ships."

2.) "Their ship guns are pounding our shields. Take out those heavy turrets."

3.) "Well done, Pilot. Head back to the hangar for your next objective."

4.) "Pilot, we need you to take an LAAT into the enemy hangar. Land it, and destroy the ship's internal systems."

5.) "All right, troopers. Make your way into their critical systems, and destroy their fuel and life support systems."

6.) "Command has an easy mission, Pilot. Grab the enemy's battle plan holocron, and bring it back to our hangar."

7.) "Well done, men. Now let's get down there and liberate Kashyyyk!"


As the 501st finally broke through the CIS blockade over Kashyyyk, I took a long look back at the battle that continued to rage over the planet, and wondered why so many had to die for a bunch of walking carpets. Then I followed my orders, and turned planetward.