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"Notorious for its treacherous spice mines, Kessel also serves as a valuable source of coaxium, the fuel source which powers the Imperial fleet. Nestled deep within one of the most dangerous sectors of the Outer Rim, Kessel is considered as impenetrable to unwanted guests as it is inescapable"
— In-game description

Coaxium Mine is a map set on Kessel in DICE's Star Wars Battlefront II that can be played in Extraction, Blast, Heroes vs. Villains, Hero Showdown and Co-Op. It was added in an update as part of The Han Solo Season.


The interior of the map contains many entrances, corridors, and choke points, allowing players to sneak up on enemies and defeat them. There are many different paths players can take while in the interior of the map.

The outside area features the Millennium Falcon, as well as liquids on the ground and gases that can hurt players. There are high cliffs for snipers to use and places to take cover.

In Co-Op, the Falcon is not present, opening up a wide area for long-ranged confrontations. Long-ranged weapons like the Ewok Hunter's bow, snipers and the T-21 will shine during the first phase. The remaining phases take place inside the coaxium mine itself, where shorter ranges like the Assault's Vanguard, CR-2 and TL-50 shows their muscle. The Rebels attack while the Empire defends.


The following is a list of modes that Coaxium Mine can be played in:


The Age of Rebellion Update

Han Solo Season Update 2

  • Added.