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The Low Altitude Assault Transport Carrier, or LAAT/c, is a version of the LAAT Gunship, and is non-playable. This means that that the gunship isn't playable in Galactic Assault.


The LAAT/c is a carrier and can only deploy AT-TEs to the battlegrounds in Supremacy or Instant Action on Felucia: Tagata or in Galactic Assault on Geonosis: Trippa Hive. The LAAT/c can be spotted on Felucia: Tagata, where there was two of them on command post a on Supremacy/Instant Action. The LAAT/c cannot be destroyed or shot by a player.

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  • The LAAT/c is in the movie Star Wars: Attack of the Clones, in the battle of Geonosis.
  • The “/c” could refer to “carrier”, making its purpose to transport clones to the battle.