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The Lambda-class T-4a Shuttle, also known as the Imperial Shuttle, is a non-playable ship that appears in Fighter Squadron and as a prop in numerous maps (see Trivia) Its Rebel counterpart is the GR-75 Medium Transport.

Fighter Squadron[]

In Fighter Squadron, Imperials and Rebels both are notified in advance of the Lambda shuttle's departure from the planet. When the shuttle launches, Imperials must attempt to defend it from incoming Rebel fighters for three minutes. If the Rebels are successfully able to destroy the shuttle, 20 points are awarded to their team. If the Imperials are able to successfully defend it for 3 minutes, the shuttle leaves the battlefield and the Rebels earn no points.

When the shuttle appears, it will possess a circular shape with the color depending on the team the player is playing on, (blue for Empire, red for Rebels), a ring will possess the amount of health the shuttle has, which will decrease the more the shuttle takes damage.

Other maps[]

In a handful of maps, especially those that contain landing pads, a docked Lambda Shuttle can be seen. These cannot be damaged nor destroyed and simply serve as obstacles on the battlefront. Their wings can also be used for cover whenever a player has the Jump Pack Star Card equipped.


  • If a player flies into either the Lambda shuttle or the GR-75 Medium Transport, the death screen will show "Killed By: Lambda T-4a Shuttle" or "Killed By: GR-75 Medium Transport". Also, the kill feed will show "(Player) killed by Lambda T-4a Shuttle" or "(Player) killed by GR-75 Medium Transport".
  • There is a Lambda shuttle in the middle of Sulfur Fields. As well as two more Lambda shuttles on Imperial Station.