Laser Cannon

Laser Cannon.png

Type Laser Cannon
Rate of Attack Medium-High
Damage Medium

The Laser Cannon is similar to the Laser Turret except mounted on a vehicle, with possibly different power. Depending on the game, the turrets have different modes. Battlefront 1 uses slow-firing, low/medium powered blasts that easily take out infantry, while Battlefront 2 shoots fast-firing, exceptionally-low damaging bolts that require more shots, but sure pump them out fast enough. Both can be devastating if used correctly.

It is the most common vehicle weapon. Used on all assault vehicles, and on Starfighter classes.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • It should be noted that, unlike the original Battlefront counterpart, the Battlefront II laser cannon has the power equivalent to the canon Blaster Cannon.
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