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The Laser Turret is the standard turret that is found in the game. In Star Wars Battlefront I, it has relatively slow, low-medium power blasts that offer minute splash damage, but in Star Wars: Battlefront II, they fire quick, relatively weak bursts of laser fire with no splash. They are well-suited for anti-infantry combat, and will do little to nothing to tanks and vehicles. The Laser Turrets will overheat if they are being used over a long period of time.

They are found in most maps, and Engineers (or Pilots in Battlefront I) have to build them using a Fusion Cutter. The weak spot on the Laser Turrets is where the head of the person in them should be, as you can kill that person in one shot and will not damage the turret, and since they are unmoving, headshots are easy.

A tip in using a Laser Turret is to shoot at targets close to the turret, as the lasers travel ironically slow. Make sure to aim a little ahead of the enemy if they are moving. More damage is made if shot at close range; some of the damage is lost if shot a far distance away.

Laser Turret



  • The standard laser turrets are basically an E-Web turret with hull plating.
  • In Star Wars: Battlefront Renegade Squadron, it can be found on Naboo, Ord Mantell and Boz Pity.
  • in Star Wars: Battlefront, the sounds of the laser fire from these turrets will change based upon which era you choose.
  • In the PC port of Star Wars: Battlefront, the sound for the laser fire is the same regardless of era. The sound is the one chosen for the Galactic Civil War era.