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Life Support System Computer 2

The Life Support is a destroyable object on a capital ship and on the Kamino Map. On the Capital Ship, destroying it will give you 25 points. It is the room to the left of the autoturret mainframe after breaching the room. This room has plenty of computers and cover, but in contrast with the other rooms, surprisingly little defensive measures, as only one turret is present in this room, inadequate for a defensive purpose. It is impossible to repair if destroyed, but is capable of being repaired if damaged. It takes only a few seconds to repair, a trait shared with the engine room and auto turret mainframe.


  • Oddly when you destroy the opposing Capital Ship's life support, that team doesn't automatically lose due to "life-support" capabilities. Instead, it gives more points to the players team.
  • A better option for life support for the CIS capital ship is a Central Control Computer.