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Exclusive to the Emperor in Battlefront II, this attack is devastating to regular enemy units and Heroes alike. To activate this attack, make a double jump in which he will use unsupported flight and then press the primary attack button. This attack depletes most of the Emperor's stamina leaving him vulnerable, as he is weaker in comparison with other heroes. Therefore, it is best to use this attack when ambushing a solitary enemy player or when attacking a large group of foes you are confident can all be defeated. When playing outside of Assault (Mos Eisley), the Emperor's Lightning Storm is devastating to all units on the battlefield. If you are surrounded by enemy units, this is the perfect time to use this attack. The impact of the Lightning Storm encompasses the Emperor, killing and sometimes throwing enemy units a fair distance. If enemy units are not killed by this attack they are certain to be left extremely weak after the encounter.


  • The Emperor does not perform this attack in the movies and, therefore, it was just a unique attack attributed to the Emperor by the game developers.