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Tatooine Mos Eisley Per Smedjeback (5)

Imperials interrogating a Rebel soldier on Mos Eisley

"The idea of Living World underlies our aim to add believability, ambience, and intimacy to our battlefronts."
Star Wars Battlefront II blog post[1]

Living World is the name given by DICE to map elements in their Star Wars Battlefront series that help make a location feel part of the Star Wars universe. Some examples of Living World elements include roaming animals, fleeing civilians, and environmental sounds.

In addition to the Living World, another key element to making a location feel part of the Star Wars universe is the Battle Beyond.

Star Wars Battlefront[]

Hoth Rebel soldier (Male)

There are many Living World elements in DICE's Star Wars Battlefront that ground them in the Star Wars universe.

Death Star[]

There are several droids, both moving and stationary, around the Death Star. These include medical droids, mouse droids, and interrogator droids.


SW Battlefront (Endor) screenshot -3

On several Endor maps, such as Swamp Crash Site and Survivors of Endor, Ewoks can be seen standing near their huts. When the player approaches one, they flee into their home and do not appear until the player is far away again.

On Forest Moon of Endor, Ewoks on gliders can be seen in the tree village area during the second phase of Walker Assault. If the player is close enough, there is a chance that the player will die from a rock thrown by the Ewok on the glider, unlocking the achievement "Not Bad For a Little Furball".


Twilight on Hoth screenshot

On Outpost Beta, 2-D Tauntauns can be seen in the distance as well as a very low-poly 3-D model of a Wampa.

On Twilight on Hoth, there is a secret cave area near the right-most AT-AT that is accessible only during the first phase of Walker Assault. In it, a Wampa can be seen eating a Tauntaun. Additionally, in the third phase of Walker Assault, there is a Tauntaun encased in ice that can be closely observed.


On Sulfur Fields, a bird known as an Ash angel can sometimes be seen perched on a rock or flying around.[2] On SoroSuub Refinery, two dianogas can be seen floating in trash compacter fluid in one of the last areas in Extraction in the room leading before the landing pad.[3]



On Jabba's Palace and Palace Garage, Gamorrean Guards can be seen dead or imprisoned in jail cells.[3] A dead Rancor can also be seen in Jabba's Palace, most likely the Rancor that Luke Skywalker killed in Return of the Jedi. The large open area that has several strewn pillows on the ground also features orbs that Jabba the Hutt used to store his food in Return of the Jedi.

Star Wars Battlefront II[]

There are many Living World objects in Star Wars Battlefront II.

Death Star II[]

Mouse droids can be seen moving around in Command Sector North.


There are poisonous plants that react to explosions and blaster fire in Tagata. Three dead Rancors and a large, drowned Sarlaac can also be seen around the map. Additionally, there are several Felucian villager homes that can be entered. Piled up dishes, children's drawings, and even a snail-like creature can be observed in these homes.


Geonosis Trippa Hive - Rock Formation - Pontus Ryman DICE

Geonosians can be seen flying away in Trippa Hive and Pipeline Junction West high above the battlefield.


On Hoth: Outpost Delta, several Probe Droids can be seen roaming around the icy fields. In the rebel base itself, Tauntauns can be seen in their stables, not yet evacuated.


Naboo Theed (3) - Tim McLeod DICE

On Theed, civilians can be seen fleeing from the battlefield at the start of every Galactic Assault match. Additionally, in both Theed and the Republic Attack Cruiser, various astromech droids can be seen moving erratically throughout the map. Leaves are occasionally thrown in the air by a small gust of wind and white birds can be seen taking flight throughout the match, sometimes right in front of the player. Closer to the river, civilians can be seen in the distance and pelikki floating in the river.


On Maz's Castle, chickens that flee from the player can be encountered near the Resistance turbolasers in Galactic Assault.


Like on Naboo, civilians can be seen fleeing on Mos Eisley. Also, stormtroopers can be seen capturing and interrogating Rebels near the Imperial spawn.

Yavin 4[]

In Yavin 4: The Great Temple, leaves can be seen getting blown in the air, and there is a stintaril that roams around the map.