Loot Crates are loot boxes featured in DICE's Star Wars Battlefront II.


As of the 2.0 Patch, Loot Crates can only contain Credits and various cosmetic items such as emotes and Victory Poses. A Daily Crate, rewarded for logging in, contains 500 credits. Loot Crates sometimes also feature bundles of Appearances, and can only be purchased with Credits earned in-game.

Prior to the 2.0 Patch on March 21, 2018, player progression revolved around Loot Crates as, in addition to emotes, Victory Poses, and credits, Loot Crates also contained Star Cards, blasters, and blaster attachments, as well as a currency called Crafting Parts which were used to "craft" and upgrade Star Cards. These Loot Crates could be purchased for crystals or with credits, leading many to criticize the system as "pay-to-win" and having similar psychological effects to gambling. The 2.0 Patch removed Star Cards, blasters, and blaster attachments, as well as the Crafting Parts currency, from Loot Crates, making them cosmetic only. The Cooperation Update on September 25, 2019, disabled Daily Crates.


Cooperation Update

  • Removed Daily Crates.

2.0 Patch

  • The ability to earn Star Cards, Crafting Parts, and Weapons and Weapon Attachments through Loot Crates has been removed.


Loot Crate IconsEdit

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