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droids in low-poly mode

Low-poly mode is a state that units go into if there are multiple units on the screen or if they are far away.  Low-poly mode is painfully obvious to notice, and the player themselves may go into low-poly mode.


Most unit's body will become blocky and will have very little animations.  Their only animations are walking and death.  Most noticeably, their weapon will disappear, and they will become hunched, making them look awkward.

Units like the droideka will have more jagged parts when in ball form, and when they are standing, they will have their standard position.  They have no animation between ball and standing form, so it may be difficult to predict the shield.  Also, their legs won't move when they turn.


  • Droids using the B1 model will lose their paint, making them look exactly like a B1 Battledroid.