Red Five is a playable hero vehicle in DICE's Star Wars Battlefront and Star Wars Battlefront II. It is Luke Skywalker's X-Wing starfighter.

Star Wars Battlefront

Red Five was added to the game in the Death Star expansion pack.


As soon as Red Five enters the field, two other players can spawn in as vehicular Hero Bodyguards, Red Two and Red Three.


Red Five has the following abilities:


This ability prevents the vehicle from taking damage for a short duration from standard laser fire. It can be overcome by a TIE Fighter's Ion Torpedo ability.

Vehicle Repair

This ability will heal a set amount of health.

Proton Torpedo

Missiles that track down enemy targets.

Star Wars Battlefront II


"The fighter that destroyed the Death Star comes equipped with R2-D2's quick repair capabilities, and Luke Skywalker's connection to the Force grants the player special powers to target torpedoes without locking onto a target."
— Star Wars Battlefront II website


Red Five has the following abilities:

R2-D2 Repair, Jedi Instincts, Obi-Wan's Guidance


  • This vehicle and the TIE Advanced were the first hero vehicles added to Star Wars Battlefront via expansion pack.
  • This is the only vehicle that can heal itself manually.
  • Unlike other X-Wing's, the cockpit is entirely opaque


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