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The MC80 Star Cruiser is a capital ship featured in DICE's Star Wars Battlefront and Star Wars Battlefront II.


Star Wars Battlefront[]

In Battlefront, MC80s only appear in the background. They can be seen on every Fighter Squadron map, far off past the Rebel spawn point. They also appear in the skies of several ground maps, such as Sullust: Sulfur Fields and Tatooine: Jundland Wastes, doing battle with Imperial Star Destroyers.

Star Wars Battlefront II[]

An MC80, the Invincible Faith, appeared in the first campaign mission, The Cleaner. Iden allowed herself to be captured and taken aboard the Invincible Faith in order to prevent the Rebels from decrypting an intercepted Imperial transmission that would reveal the trap at Endor. Iden remotely actives her ID-10 droid, who frees her. Iden then deletes the message and escapes out the Invincible Faith's airlock, landing in the Corvus's hangar and escaping into hyperspace.

In the third mission, The Dauntless, an MC80 equipped with heavy ion cannons attacks Fondor, disabling the Star Destroyer Dauntless. Inferno Squad defends the Dauntless from Rebel starfighters and corvettes, with Iden and Hask boarding the MC80 and eliminating the ion cannons. After the Dauntless is freed, it turns its guns on the MC80, destroying it.

Yet another MC80, the Restoration, appears in the sixth mission, Outcasts. After surrendering to the Rebels, Iden and Del are taken aboard the Restoration, where they speak to Lando and Shriv about Operation: Cinder. Shortly after, the Restoration travels to Naboo, deploying its starfighter compliment to protect the planet from the Empire. The Rebel fighters attacked the Star Destroyer Torment, bring down its shields and allowing the Restoration to destroy it with its turbolasers.

In the missions The Battle of Jakku and Until Ashes, multiple MC80s can be seen participating in the Battle of Jakku.

MC80s also appear in Starfighter Assault, providing support to the Rebel Alliance. At Fondor: Imperial Shipyard, an MC80 will come out of hyperspace near the battle if the Rebels reach the third phase. If the Rebels lose, the MC80 will be destroyed by Imperial reinforcements. At Endor: Death Star Debris, an MC80 is the main target for Imperial forces, who need to destroy the Star Cruiser in order to win.