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From a post by Sledgehammer70 on the official Star Wars Battlefront Forums:[1]

On early Tuesday morning, March 29th, Star Wars Battlefront servers will go offline for up to 30 minutes for a server update. Scheduled downtime is listed below; we apologize in advance for any inconveniences.

PC: 7:00 UTC
PS4: 7:30 UTC
X1: 8:00 UTC

Patch Notes:

  • Adjusted playlist rotations to include all available Map and Mode options.
  • Fixed and issue that could cause higher level players game client to crashes.


  1. EAlogo Star Wars Battlefront Game Server Update 3/29/16 (PS4, PC, & X1) on the official Star Wars Battlefront Forums (Content obsolete; backup link unresponsive, original screenshot not captured)