Marine (class)Edit

A marine is the anti-personnel unit in a space battle. They are suited for defending friendly capital ships internally or attacking enemy capital ships internally.


Their weaponry consists of

Award WeaponryEdit


These are the individual marine units from each faction:

Tactical AnalysisEdit

  • Marines specialize in anti-personnel roles, so should defend and attack capital ships, with their rapid-fire and explosive weapons suiting the compact, closed spaces of the interior of a capital ship.
  • However, they aren't as suited to flying ships as pilots because marines can't slowly repair their ships as pilots can.
  • Marines work well in group offensives with pilots, with the marines defending the pilots who destroy the critical points.
  • Marines can destroy critical points too, but the higher damage of a Time Bomb means it'll be slower.
  • Killing auto turrets requires dodging, as they can kill a marine quickly if they stand still. However, they are comparatively fragile: a few hits with the blaster rifle will take them down. A marine should be sure to periodically fire at them to stop them regenerating.
  • The blaster rifle is useful against enemies and Auto Turrets, as the close-range nature of the ship means mowing down a group of enemies with automatic fire is comparatively easy.
  • The rocket launcher can be useful in chokepoints, because often a mass of enemies try to get through the door at once, and a good hit with a rocket will take them all down.
  • Instead of using rockets on critical points, it is usually better to save them for enemies.
  • Due to the rocket's slow reload, a marine should wait for quiet moments to reload.
  • Rockets can also be useful for destroying ships before they leave the hangar, to catch fleeing enemies.
  • Even if the enemy ship isn't occupied by an enemy, it'll still award the marine's team a point if they destroy it. This can be useful to gain a few more points when not preoccupied by foes.
  • Thermal detonators are also good in chokepoints and against groups of enemies, but can be bounced around corners to hit hiding enemies more effectively.#
  • The elite rifle is very good for a marine, enabling them to mow down groups and individual enemies more easily, with a pilot dying in a single headshot.
  • The remote rocket launcher is detrimental to the marine because of the marine being left immobilized and helpless while they guide a rocket. A "fire-and-forget" approach is best when in a capital ship because of how fast-paced the combat can be.
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