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Star Wars Battlefront II (DICE)[]

Players can use the Melee key to perform a melee attack. Not all units can melee.

Melee Statistics
Unit Frontal Damage
Boba Fett 100
Han Solo 65
Captain Phasma 65
Lando Calrissian 65
Emperor Palpatine 90
Bossk 65
Chewbacca 90
Iden Versio 65
Leia Organa 65
Finn 65

Known Issues[]

Double Melee Damage[]

Double Melee

Each Melee here is actually being counted as 2 Melees in 1

For reasons not entirely known yet, characters who can melee are able to deliver double the damage in a single melee usage. This glitch happens often enough, but it it does not happen every time we try this method. This is an issue that wasn't present in the game at launch, but it has already been present at least since 2019. This double damage can be either the normal intended damage against an enemy's HP, or also the damage inflicted to enemies' stamina when they block a melee with a lightsaber. As an example, Han deals 65 damage with his melee, and Grievous can block 10 melee strikes with his Stamina. But when this glitch is in effect, Han's melee damage goes up to 130, and he needs only 5 melees to drain Grievous's Stamina completely.