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This page is about the single-player and co-op modes in EA DICE's Star Wars Battlefront. For the mode in EA DICE's Star Wars Battlefront II, see Co-Op Missions or Instant Action.
Star Wars Battlefront - Tatooine

The Beggar's Canyon Mission

Missions are a series of offline single-player and co-op modes in DICE's Star Wars Battlefront that puts the player in various Star Wars scenarios as a Rebel or Imperial trooper, hero, or vehicle. There are three types of modes in Missions: Training, Battles and Hero Battles, and Survival.


Star Wars Battlefront - Endor 2

The Speeder Bike Chase Mission

Main article: Training

Training scenarios are designed to teach the player game mechanics seen in multiplayer modes, such as how to use the abilities of the AT-ST, fly a starfighter such as an X-Wing, or trip an AT-AT with the Rebel T-47 Airspeeder. There are a total of five Training Missions.

Battles and Hero Battles[]

Hoth Battles Loading Screen

A Battle on Hoth

Sullust Hero Battles Loading Screen

A Hero Battle on Sullust

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Battles is a mode that allows the player to fight against a team of AI using their unlocked Star Cards. The player can also fight against another player, both of them supported by a team of AI, via splitscreen on console or online on console and PC. Hero Battles is the same as the regular Battles mode except that players fight as Heroes instead of as troopers.

Battles and Hero Battles can be played on 4 maps, one set on each base game planet.



Star Wars Battlefront Co-Op Missions Gameplay Reveal E3 2015 “Survival Mode” on Tatooine

In Survival, Imperial troops arrive in increasingly difficult waves to try to eliminate the player, a Rebel survivor.

Main article: Survival

Survival is a singleplayer or two-player co-op experience that lets the player and up to one friend fight as stranded Rebel soldiers against increasingly difficult waves of Imperial troops and vehicles.