Missions are a series of single-player/co-op minigame modes in DICE's Star Wars Battlefront. There are three types: Survival, Training Missions, and Battles or Hero Battles.


Every Battles, Hero Battles, and Survival Mission has five stars that are obtained by completing certain objectives in the Missions themselves, with three of them being based on the mission being completed on a random difficulty. Training Missions have only three stars.


Battles are single-player/co-op modes where one team must try to reach 100 points before the other team does in order to win. These points are earned by first defeating enemies, then picking up tokens that they drop. Friendly AI can be disabled, allowing players to battle against enemy AI alone. At most, a friendly team can have up to 5 AI bots while an enemy team can have up to 14 AI bots. Hero Battles are a spin on Battles, allowing players to play as the heroes or villains in the game.


Main article: Training Missions
Training Missions are single-player/co-op cinematic modes that train players how to play various elements of the multiplayer game, including driving ground vehicles, piloting starfighters, and controlling heroes and villains.


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Survival is a single-player/co-op mode where the one or two friendly players, fighting as the Rebel Alliance, must stay alive while they fend off waves of enemy AI bots, fighting as the Galactic Empire. Each subsequent wave is more difficult than the preceding waves, increasing the number of enemies and introducing more advanced units, including AT-ST walkers and TIE/ln Fighters. If one or both players survive all fifteen waves, then they win. Players can pick up tokens found around the map, including heart tokens that show up periodically which grant them an additional life. Drop Pods are also periodically deployed on the map; a player must capture a pod before the enemy does in order to get access to power-ups.
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