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This is an article for the weapon used by the Imperial Engineer, if you are looking for the Vehicle based weapon, please look at the Mortar Cannon page.

Mortar Launcher
EMP Full
Basic Info

Grenade Launcher

Weapon Details

7-25 Shots

Rate of Fire:

1 shots per 5 seconds


EMP Launcher

The Mortar Launcher is a projectile weapon that will launch primed Grenades. It is a type of Grenade Launcher and its grenades will detonate on impact with any surface, infantry or otherwise. They are two main types of Mortar Launcher, the V-6D Mortar Launcher used by the Galactic Empire, and the HH-4 Mortar Launcher used by the Rebel Alliance.

The ammunition count varies from 7-25 with the V-6D having either 15 Grenades (in Star Wars Battlefront I) or 25 (in Star Wars Battlefront II), and the HH-4 having 7 Grenades (in Star Wars Battlefront I) and 15 (in Star Wars Battlefront II).

If you are attacking a heavier vehicle it is suggested that you aim for their critical hit point. You will often find yourself needing more ammunition. It is useful to take care conserving it, and save it for special Infantry, small groups, and Heroes and Villains.