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This is a turret that lobs mortar warhead similar to the Armored Tank Droid's Mortar Cannon. It resembles the standard laser turret, but shoot an explosive payload in an arc instead of a laser bolt that travels in a straight path. Its only appearance is on the Death Star


  • Once you have been given the order to take over the rebel hangar near the end, you can use the single turret placed on a platform across the room to destroy the transport, or the Jedi that comes at the end.
  • It is suggested that when you reach the rebel hangar from the council room, you use a dark trooper to fly across the room and jump into the turret. This is very safe. If you don't, you will have to walk all the way around the room on the pathway.


The Mortar Turret is only available during the Death Star: Prison Break part of the Rise of the Empire campaign on Battlefront II.