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An Icy world in the Outer Rim that houses crystals and various lifeforms, Mygeeto is one of the last worlds on which the Clone Wars took place. It features a Refinery and a Crystal Chamber.

Mygeeto is a crystal planet that is covered with a thick sheet of ice. The buildings and walkways of Mygeeto are all made of metallic ore and the whole place contains high level of technology. The layout of the map lends itself to long-range combat, and you will only be battling close-up if you are in or near one of the buildings trying to take over a Command Post.


Combat Modes[]

Space Mygeeto




  • It is the only planet to feature Ki-Adi-Mundi, with the exception of Mos Eisley Assault.
  • Probably due to the fact it will make the Republic get a easy win, there is a glitch where as a Jet trooper/Darktrooper you can jet to the rocks seen off the platform but you will not land on them and just fall through.
  • This map contains many scenes that were shown in the last part of Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith, such as the clone division led by clone commander Bacara turning on his Jedi-general Ki-Adi-Mundi upon Order 66.
  • In Rise of the Empire, there is a cutscene with a Unstable Terrain-Artillery Transport (UT-AT) geting blown up. However the UT-AT itself is not seen on the map.
  • The 501st journal in the campaign states that the crystals found on Mygeeto were used in the Death Star's superlaser, making it a coincidence since they destroyed them in the mission.


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