The NT-242 is an unlockable sniper rifle available to the Specialist class in DICE’s Star Wars Battlefront II.

Overview Edit

The NT-242 is the most powerful sniper rifle in the game in terms of damage dealt per shot. It can kill any enemy default class in one headshot or two body shots. Headshots are also capable of dealing major damage to enemy heroes, with only three headshots being enough to defeat some of the weaker heroes and leave other heavily injured. This high damage is counterbalanced by high recoil and a major overheat issue as the user may only fire 3 shots before the weapon overheats, forcing the player to be accurate and avoid misses as follow-up shots are slow to pull off and overheat the weapon quickly. The Cooling Cell modification can help remedy this a little, as it allows the weapon to fire one additional shot before overheating, for a total of 4 shots before a cooldown cycle is needed.

The Disruptor Shot modification, on the other hand, can be used to turn the NT-242 into a rather capable anti-vehicle weapon as it increases damage dealt to enemy vehicles which, on the NT-242, is quite noticeable due to the already high base damage. The downside of the modification this is that damage dealt against infantry is reduced.

Dual Zoom
Allows NT-242 to toggle between two different magnification levels
Improved Cooling
Allows NT-242 to fire an extra shot before needing to cool
Disruptor Shot
A destructive ion shot that does high damage against vehicles, but has reduced damage against troopers; has splash damage
Damage 106, 99 (disruptor shot mod)
Range No damage drop-off
Overheat 3 shots (0.33 heat per shot)
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