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Naboo Plains Map

The Battle of Naboo is the first campaign mission in Pandemic's Star Wars: Battlefront and is played on the map Naboo: Plains.


The player is sided with the Trade Federation against the Gungan Grand Army and can select droid units. Because the player is fighting for the Trade Federation and not the CIS, the typical CIS Super Battle Droid is replaced by a blaster-wielding Battle Droid. All other units, such as the Assault Droid and Assassin Droid are present, however, their appearances are slightly changed.

The Gungans are armed with plasma grenades as their primary weapon and which behave similarly to Clone Troopers' EMP Grenades. Unique to this map is the presence of Fambaas carrying Gungan shield generators, which must be destroyed in addition to depleting the enemy reinforcement count to zero in order to complete the mission.


Use an AAT that is standing idle outside the shield in the attempt to bring the shield down. Get on the AAT, drive it inside the shield, and continue to fire on the shield generator until it is destroyed and the shield lifts up. Note that the EMP grenades are very dangerous against the tank and will easily destroy the tank. It is wise to jump out of the AAT when the health is low and find a new tank. After the shields are down, wipe out the remaining Gungans and capture the remaining Command Posts to complete the mission.