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"The Separatists launch a second assault on Theed, the capital of Naboo, with the intent of capturing the Palace and forcing a complete surrender."
— Galactic Assault description

Theed is a map set on Naboo in DICE's Star Wars Battlefront II, playable in the Clone Wars era. It is a large, ground map available in both multiplayer and Arcade. Theed is also visited in the Battlefront II campaign, during the mission "Royalty". This is the only time it is playable within another era, the Galactic Civil War.


Naboo Theed City (4) - Anton Kavousi DICE

One of Theed's many alleys, decorated with beautiful hanging lights.

Theed is modelled after the capital city of Naboo as seen in the Star Wars universe, in particular Episode I - The Phantom Menace. It is an urban map consisting of many buildings, streets, and alleys. The city's architecture exhibits the artistic nature of the Naboo people. The streets are lined with flowering trees, and the open squares are decorated by gardens and fountains. The buildings are made of the same sand-colored stone bricks, accented by the jade-green domes that top them.

Naboo Theed Arch - Anton Ek DICE

An archway looms over the main street of Theed.

The main street is shaped like a massive corridor, passing through two archways before finally leading to the steps of the Royal Palace. On either side of the main road, a maze of smaller streets and alleys litter the city. Buildings, columns, planters, and Republic supply crates provide cover throughout. There is a marketplace halfway down the map on the left hand side, facing the palace. On the right, there is a small park with benches and fountains.

The Royal Palace is clearly the largest structure on the map and the wide front steps are lined by great statues of the Naboo deities. Towering pillars stand firm before the palace doors but, when the doors are blasted open by the Separatist MTT in phase three of Galactic Assault on Theed, the entrance becomes cluttered by the pillars' massive ruins.

Naboo Theed Palace Joel Zakrisson-02

One of the gallery corridors, featuring a mural of Queen Amidala.

Inside the Palace, the floor and walls are made of reflective marble, and the corridors are lined with paintings of past kings and queens. On either side of the entrance hall are two door control rooms that hold the keys to the Palace's security systems. Further inside, a central hall paves the way to the Palace throne room, made of the same marble and surrounded by columns. The queen's desk sits before a great window and faces the two staircases that lead up to it. On both the right and left of the throne room are two long gallery corridors. Additionally, there are doors leading to the staircases that inhabit the East and West halls, each with its own massive statue and side corridors.



In Arcade, the playable area of Theed is a section of the Royal Palace. The throne room, gallery corridors and central hall are available. Alongside them are the East and West halls, as wells as their corresponding side corridors. However, the Palace's entrance hall and door control rooms are unavailable.


In Blast, the playable area of Theed is the same section of the Royal Palace featured in Arcade. Once again the Palace's entrance hall and door control rooms are unavailable.

Galactic AssaultEdit

"The Separatists launch a second assault on Theed, the capital of Naboo, with the intent of capturing the Palace and forcing a complete surrender."
— In-game Description
Naboo Theed (4) - Tim McLeod DICE

Battle Droids line up in formation on the city's main road.

A three stage assault on the capital of Naboo. Squads of droids protect a colossal MTT as it lumbers its way toward the royal palace.[1] In Galactic Assault, the map is used to its full potential. On this map, the Separatists are the attackers and the Galactic Republic are the defenders.

The Separatists first spawn on the main street beside one of their MTTs, while the Republic troops begin on the other side of the first grand archway. From the Separatists side, non-playable (NPC) Battle Droids can be seen escorting Clone Trooper prisoners at the beginning of the match, while on the Republic side an LAAT Gunship is seen depositing clone reinforcements. On both sides of the map, the citizens of Theed can be seen fleeing the map before the battle commences.

Battlefront E3 2017 04

Clone Troopers flee from an advancing AAT, intent on capturing Theed.

In the first phase, the Republic must use Ion Disruptors to destroy the MTT leading the Separatist invasion force. The Separatists must attack the clone troopers carrying the Disruptors before they destroy the MTT. If the Republic fails to destroy the MTT before it reaches the Royal Palace, it will open fire on the Palace's entrance, destroying the main doors and causing the pillars to collapse. Phase two begins and the Separatists must now override the Palace's security systems in order to gain access to the throne room. The East and West Door Controls are available for override but the droids need only capture one to progress. Following the Separatists' success in overriding the palace's security systems, the third and final stage commences. The Separatists must enter the Throne Room and capture the control point at its center to win the match.


"The Separatist army has detected that several LAAT/I gunships have landed in the city. In order to prevent a Republic evacuation, these gunships must be destroyed...."
— In-game DescriptionIn Strike, the playable area of Theed is located within the city streets. The Separatists must sabotage both LAAT Gunships while the Galactic Republic must defend them until the Separatist reinforcement count runs out. Gunship Alpha lies on the main road of the city, surrounded by supply crates, whilst Gunship Beta is located near a courtyard that features a pristine fountain and numerous market stands lining the Solleu River.

Capital SupremacyEdit

There’s has been outfitted to accommodate the Capital Supremacy gamemode. It remains mainly unchanged, but with two capital ship flying over the city.


Galactic AssaultEdit

Battlefront E3 2017 05

A Vulture Droid pursues an N-1 Starfighter in the skies above the city.

Galactic RepublicEdit




Where are those Droidekas? Update

Giants Above Kachirho Update

  • Fixed several collision, map geometry and lighting issues on Yavin 4, Endor, Naboo - Theed, Jakku, Hoth, Starkiller Base, Death Star II, Geonosis - Trippa Hive.

Elite Corps Update

  • Fixed issues where players could occasionally get stuck in the geometry of several assets, visible on Jakku, Tatooine, Naboo, Kashyyyk, Kessel and Crait.

Han Solo Season Update

  • Fixed a lighting issue on Naboo.

Night on Endor Update

  • Fixed various collision and out-of-bounds area issues
  • Added the dusk time-of-day setting.

2.0 Patch

  • Fixed a few areas where the player could get stuck when playing on Naboo.

1.2 Patch

  • Fixed an issue where grenades could fall through the floor on Naboo and Kashyyyk

1.03 Patch

  • Blocked off some areas on Naboo where players could use aerial units to gain an unfair advantage over other players.




Royal PalaceEdit


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