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501st Journal -- Naboo: "Imperial Diplomacy"[]

During the rise of the Empire, the Emperor's home planet of Naboo rapidly established itself as a major irritant. After a number of Naboo's ambassadors were sent home in various states of dismemberment, her newly-elected Queen broke off diplomatic ties and began exploring "military" options. Clearly it was time for a regime change; a change that would be effected by the 501st, now under the direct command of Darth Vader. Our orders were simple: to infiltrate the city, take out their leader -- sending a clear signal to other potential troublemakers in the Empire.

Naboo theed

Naboo - Imperial Diplomacy Tactical Map


From Imperial officer:

1.) "Welcome to the capital city of Theed. Tonight we will be performing a radical destabilization of the Theed government, via the elimination of their Queen. She is heavily guarded in the central plaza, by a group of Jedi and an autoturret grid. In order to defeat these defenses, we must set up a perimeter around the central plaza, and shut down the autoturret grid. Careful, soldier -- your numbers are few, and your mission's success rests on your shoulders."

2.) "Now it's on to the embassy plaza. Move out."

3.) "Watch out soldier, the autoturret grid is still online. Keep your men out of the central plaza until you find a way to shut down the turret grid."

4.) "So far, so good. Now capture the guard post past the embassy. If you need some extra firepower, we've managed to sneak a tank for you at the embassy plaza. Use it wisely."

5.) "Excellent. Now we must destroy the autoturret grid console, clearing access to the central plaza. Destroy it, and the Queen will be ours."

6.) "The Queen's personal Jedi bodyguards have broken into the plaza. Destroy them."

7.) "The Queen and her royal guard are trying to escape! Quickly -- you must eliminate the Queen at all costs!"

8.) "You have performed a great service for the Empire. The Queen's death will serve as an example for other native rebellions, saving countless lives."

Ending Journal[]

With the Queen eliminated, Naboo quickly fell in line. It was the first time the 501st was called upon to "adjust" a planet's government. But it wouldn't be the last. Within months the 501st gained a well-deserved reputation as Vader's Fist.


  • This is the first Empire mission in the game.