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The New Republic is a faction in DICE's Star Wars Battlefront and Star Wars Battlefront II. The New Republic was formed by the Rebel Alliance in the final year of the Galactic Civil War as the successor to the Old Republic that the Galactic Empire had replaced. They are unofficially playable exclusively on Jakku in Battlefront and are featured in the campaign in Battlefront II as a Light Side faction that is the enemy of both the Galactic Empire and the First Order in the Dark Side.


  • The New Republic is only referenced on the Battlefront website page detailing the Battle of Jakku expansion. In-game on Jakku, the New Republic is not mentioned, only the Rebel Alliance.
    • This is technically not accurate canonically speaking as the Rebel Alliance had been reorganized into the New Republic by the time of the Battle of Jakku. However, some Imperials still referred to the Republic as rebels, refusing to recognize their legitimacy.
  • The New Republic is also mentioned in the online multiplayer of Battlefront II.
    • On Endor: Research Station 9 in Galactic Assault, the Rebel announcer sometimes says "For the New Republic!" at the end of the second and third phases.
    • Upon using their middle ability, the First Order Officer sometimes says "First the Resistance, then the Republic!" in reference to the New Republic.
      • This line is actually somewhat inaccurate canonically speaking, as the New Republic was destroyed while the Resistance still fought the First Order. This explanation was not made clear until The Last Jedi, however, as The Force Awakens and related canon material did not make it clear if the New Republic was completely destroyed or not. The Last Jedi came out after Battlefront II was released, which most likely explains the discrepancy.
      • This is acknowledged in the Resurrection expansion of the Battlefront II campaign, which released alongside The Last Jedi during The Last Jedi Season.