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In both of DICE's Battlefront games, an Overheat Penalty occurs when the player completely fills the overheat bar, at which point the player's weapon will be briefly unable to fire.

Overheat penalties[]

Blaster Statistics
Weapon Unit Overheat Penalty (seconds)
A280 Assault 1
CR-2 Assault 1
EL-16HFE Assault 1
Default Weapon (Assault Assault 1
Default Weapon (Heavy ) Heavy ?
DC-15LE Heavy 1
FWMB-10K Heavy 1
S-5 Officer 1
Blurrg-1120 Officer 1
SE-44C Officer 1
A280-CFE Specialist ?
NT-242 Specialist ?
Default Weapon (Specialist ) Specialist 1
DL-44 Han Solo 0.5
Sonn-Blas F-11D Captain Phasma 0.9
EL-16 Finn 1
Relby V-10 (Unzoomed) Bossk 0.8
Bowcaster Chewbacca ?
EE-3 Boba Fett 0.7
Defender Pistol Leia Organa 0.7
TL-50 Iden Versio 1
X-8 Night Sniper Lando Calrissian 0.7

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