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Overpower is a Training mission in which players pilot an AT-ST walker on Sullust in an attempt to wipe out Rebel defenses.


The Overpower load screen

The mission starts with Darth Vader ordering Magma Troopers to wipe out the Rebel Forces. They proceed to send a prepared AT-ST to deal with the job. During the first cutscene, a Magma Trooper in the background bumps his head on a staircase, which is a reference to a similar incident in A New Hope when a Stormtrooper bumps his head on a door frame in the Death Star.


Upon exiting the hangar, there are several bunkers that Rebels pour out of to attack the AT-AT. Then A-Wings attack the walker followed by X-Wings. Then additional Rebels come out of bunkers. Finally, Rebels swarm out of their base to attack the walker.