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PLX-1 Personal Portable Missile Launcher
PLX-1 Full
Basic Info

Rocket Launcher


Galactic Republic

Weapon Details
  • 8 (BFI)
  • 7 (BFII)
Rate of Fire:

3 seconds per shot



The PLX-1 Missle Launcher, or Plex, was a powerful rocket launcher that was in the service of the Galactic Republic from the beginning of the Clone Wars.

These versatile weapons were developed for the Clone Heavy Troopers of the Galactic Republic. This powerful anti-vehicle or anti-emplacement weapon and became a force to be reckoned with on the battlefield. Small enough to be easily portable by a single soldier and powerful enough to destroy an Armored Tank Droid, or a AAT in a single, well aimed hit, the Republics's Clone Heavy Troopers used these to become a truly devastating anti-vehicle force on the battlefield.


This weapon is extremely powerful against land vehicles and bombers. It deals lots of heavy damage, but is very weak against soldiers (it moves much quicker in the air than close to the ground), so use your pistol. But, remember that although it has a huge range, it does not move that fast, and it is easy to evade for a fighter, but not for a bigger vehicle.


  • This weapon was first seen in the 2003 Clone Wars TV Series where it was used by ordinary (non marked) troopers.
  • AI troops will almost always switch to their pistol if you get close. In multiplayer players will fire rockets at the ground to kill you.
  • In the 2008 Clone Wars TV Series, the Republic Clone Heavy Troopers used the RPS-6 Rocket Launcher, as opposed to the PLX.