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The Particle Cannon Turret is a large, heavy-duty turret designed to eliminate and destroy vehicles within range. It shoots a powerful orange-brown bolts and it can destroy most vehicles within 3 or 4 hits, 2 if hit in the critical areas. There is another type of Particle Cannon on Kashyyyk which fires a white bolt that travels in an arc. Both of these variants can also be useful as an infantry deterrent as the weapon provide splash damage, making it effective against groups of enemies.

Both the AT-AT and Snowspeeder in Star Wars Battlefront II are equipped with particle laser cannons that are more destructive than the normal laser cannons.

A variant was known to exist on Hoth with an ability to charge up its power, and it was just a Hoth Dish Turret, though the target identified it as a "Particle Turret."




  • The Particle Cannon may be Battlefront's version of turbolaser cannons.