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Stormtroopers wear pauldrons to indicate a unit leader and/or a specialist. Such troopers were made available as skins on September 20, 2016. Black, white, red and orange pauldrons are available. Unlike the regular stormtrooper, these troopers don't change their armor on any maps except Outpost Beta, Twilight on Hoth, Ice Caves and Rebel Base.

Pauldron Stormtroopers were introduced to bring extra variety into the Imperial character customization following the removal of the disliked helmet-less Stormtroopers.

The first pauldron, black, is unlocked at rank 20, with white becoming available at rank 30, orange at rank 40 and finally red at rank 50. All pauldron colors cost 7,500 credits to unlock, except for red which costs twice as much as it's 15,000 credits. Purchasing all colors in one run would cost 37,500 credits.

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  • The Colors of the pauldrons represent rank, Black for Troopers, White for Corporals, Orange for Sergeants, and Red for Officers.
  • The tradition of stormtroopers wearing pauldrons was inspired by the Galactic Republic's clone troopers.
  • On the various Hoth maps, if the player does not have the Jump Pack Star Card equipped, the player's back will have a battery pack on instead. This closely resembles the battery packs attached to Snow Troopers, which heat their suit and helmet up to protect them from the cold environment. The reason these battery packs appear on Pauldron Stormtroopers and Snow Troopers is that without them, they would freeze to death quickly.
  • Unlike Pauldron Stormtroopers and Snow Troopers, the Scout TrooperShadow Trooper and Shock Trooper do not come equipped with a battery pack on maps with a cold environment. Mentioned earlier, without a battery pack they would freeze to death in cold environments.
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