For the Droideka's shield emitter in other games, see Shield Emitter

Star Wars Battlefront II Edit

Overview Edit

The Personal Shield is available to the Specialist class. It creates a shield bubble surrounding you and blocking blaster fire from all directions. You cannot fire your weapon while the shield is active.

Levels Edit

Common: 160

Uncommon: 180

Rare: 200

Epic: 240

Star Wars Battlefront Edit

The Personal Shield is a Star Card featured in DICE's Star Wars Battlefront and Star Wars Battlefront II.

Overview Edit

The Personal Energy Shield provides protection from most weapons and attack methods. It does not protect you from the Dioxis Grenade, Scatter Gun, Cycler Rifle, Disruptor Rifle, Lightsabers, Princess Leia's Trooper Bain ability, Boba Fett's Flame Thrower, Emperor Palpatine's Force Lightning, and melee attacks.

Notes Edit

Though it protects you from blaster fire, it also doesn't allow you to shoot out. Weapons like the Cycler Rifle also count. Pressing the activation button while the Personal Shield is active will turn it off, and force you to wait until the card can be used again.

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