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Strategies for playing as a Wampa.

The Wampa is the most powerful non-hero class. Its' only appearance in the movies was in Episode V where one captured Luke, and then ate his tantuan. It later had its arm cut off by Lukes' lightsaber.

Wampa Player

Playing as a Wampa

They appear on Hoth in hunt mode.

They have a spawn location in the back of Echo Base. Under "normal" circumstances the rebels can't get into this base.

Their prime attack is known as claw swipe. The Wampa swipes its claws towards the enemy.

Their secondary attack is known as double strike. The Wampa lifts both arms in the air and brings them down on the ground. This can even kill Wookiees with just one hit.

A Wampa also has one Combo attack. Simply use their claw swipe three times in a row. The Wampa will swipe twice then slap downwards, sending its' enemy flying through the air.

The Jump attack occurs when you jump into the air and then slam your fist into the ground. This sends a shock wave that will usually kill all enemies nearby it.

In galactic battle grounds, they are an offensive creature. Like other offensive creatures, it actively attacks workers and troops that are non gaia.