Power Ups are a mechanic introduced in DICE's Star Wars Battlefront. They are blue holograms with different appearances depending on the power up. Power Ups do not return in the sequel, having been replaced by the Battle Points system.

Information Edit

Power Ups appear on the battlefield in the form of blue holographic pickups. Walking over the pickup grants the player with a special weapon, vehicle, or playable hero depending on the type of Power Up.

List of Power Ups Edit

Weapons Edit

Vehicles Edit

Empire Edit

Rebels Edit

  • X-Wing
  • A-Wing
  • T-47 Airspeeder
  • B-Wing (Fighter Squadron and Battle Station only. AI controlled.)
  • Y-Wing (Fighter Squadron and Battle Station only. AI controlled.)
  • U-Wing (Scarif maps only. Pilotable in the first stage of Infiltration, gunner only in every other mode)


Main article: Hero Pickup
Grabbing a hero pickup on the map will allow players to pick one of these heroes, as long as that hero is not being used by another player. Note that the mechanics of which heroes are played can change depending on the mode.



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