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The Precision Pistol is the Award version of the Blaster Pistol which can be obtained by receiving the Gunslinger Award, awarded for scoring 6 kills with your blaster pistol. It looks identical to the default blaster pistol, but fires a purple blaster shot, deals higher damage and fires faster.

In contrast to the default blaster pistol, the precision pistol has limited ammunition, with a magazine size of 16 shots and 96 shots total ammo. In exchange for this reduced capacity, the pistol has very high damage, capable of killing most enemies in only 2-3 shots to the body, or a single headshot. Additionally, it has a much faster rate of fire, as fast as the user can pull the trigger. It is functionally similar to Jango Fett's Westar-33 Blaster Pistol and Leia's Sporting Blaster.

These traits make it a very deadly weapon for a sidearm and a valuable addition to the player's arsenal, especially when combined with the Elite Rifle.

Shots required to kill a unit[]

  • Troopers: 2
  • Sharpshooters: 2
  • Engineers: 2
  • Heavy Troopers: 3
  • Officers, Jet Trooper and Dark Trooper: 2
  • Wookie Warrior: 4-6
  • Droideka (with shield): Around 10, Without shield: 2

It is possible to kill any unit with one shot aimed at the head, with the exception of the Droideka class, which cannot be headshot.


The Precision Pistol reuses the 3D model of the default blaster pistol


The Precision Pistol must be unlocked in order to use it.