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"Adopted by Bail and Breha Organa, Leia was heir to the Royal Family of Alderaan. Forced to watch the Death Star shatter her home planet, Leia dedicated her life to ending the tyranny of the Empire."
— In-game description

Princess is a formerly Event, now Legendary appearance for Leia Organa in DICE's Star Wars Battlefront II. It is unlocked by completing the Princess milestone: eliminating 5,000 enemies as any Light Side hero. Previously, the Princess appearance was made available twice in special events: the May the Fourth Special Event, which ran from May 1–6, 2019, and one which ran from December 25, 2019 until January 7, 2020.


This skin is based on Leia Organa's iconic white dress and hairstyle as she appears in A New Hope when she was a Princess of Alderaan.


  • Similar to the Hoth appearances for Leia, Han Solo, and Luke Skywalker before they were made available for purchase, the Princess appearance cannot be bought with credits or crystals but instead can only be obtained in the May the Fourth Special Event.
  • After the Event tier was created, Princess was the first Appearance to be classified as an Event tier. It was originally classified as an Epic Appearance.
  • The Battle on Scarif Update created the Princess milestone, the challenge of eliminating 5,000 enemies as Leia Organa, which, upon completion, unlocked the Princess appearance, although the challenge requirements were later changed to eliminating 5,000 enemies as any Light Side hero as part of the May 28th Patch.


May 28th Patch

  • Changed Milestone requirements to 5000 kills as any Light Side Hero.

Battle on Scarif Update

  • Added a specific milestone for the Princess Appearance so that it can be earned after eliminating 5,000 enemies with Leia Organa.

Giants Above Kachirho Update

  • Added.